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i forgot about sassy Ryan

i forgot about sassy Ryan


zak from ghost adventures is the biggest ryan buell wannabe ever but oh how i love him so

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so that’s how it’s going to be

so that’s how it’s going to be


Introduction to Fairies

The Spanish word hada comes from the Latin fata which, in turn, derived from fatum, meaning fate or destiny. In the middle Ages, the gentiles defined it as a divinity or unknown force, which had a fascinating effect on the other divinities and on men and events. The French word fée has a similar origin and resulted in the English words fey and fairie which, as time went by, suffered spelling variations from fayerye, fayre, faerie, faery, and fairy. According to its etymology, it is a fantastic being pictured as a woman known to have magical powers. For the Saxons, the word ferie refers to the world of fairies as an entity, being a geographical location. In Spanish it turned out to be féerico, depicting something wonderful or fantastic.

The world of Fairies is a mixture of a mysterious enchantment, a charming beauty, but also of a huge ugliness, of insensitive shallowness, humor, malice, joy and inspiration, fear, laughter, love, and tragedy. It is richer than what we are usually induced to think by literature. In addition, extreme caution should be exercised to penetrate into this world, as nothing is more irritating to fairies than several human beings curiously moving around their extraordinary dominions, like spoiled tourists. Love, but also abandonment and death, may follow under their spell. Like human beings, they live in a universe of contradictions.

Location of these elementary beings has varied throughout time and cultures. For the Irish, sometimes it was found in the horizon; other under their own feet; on other occasions, on hills, or in a magical island in the high seas or under the ocean.

Air Spirits: Silfides

The air element, featured by intelligence, represented by Spring and Dawn is inhabited by Sylphs in the form of butterflies. They control winds, help birds in their migrations and flowers in their pollination. Their light yellow- toned translucent appearance is present in the scent of wet herb threatening to rain.

Water Spirits: Nymphs, Mermaids, Nereids, Naiads, Undines,and Water Goblins.

The water element featured by love and cures, represented by Autumn and Sunset, is inhabited by nymphs, mermaids, nereids, and undines. They appear as mythological creatures in all liquids, such as seas, rivers, fresh water brooks, falls, and clouds. Their aspect vary depending on their habitat. Nereids rule the seas; undines called Naiads by the Greek, are found in lakes. They are mostly blue and a receptive energy. Like mermaids, they attract any sailor with their songs until they wreck. They are the ones channeling natural river beds.

Earth Spirits:

The Earth element is the most dense. It is represented by Winter and the night. It is inhabited by Ladies, goblins, gnomes, and trolls. They are mostly green, and have a receptive energy. Fairies or ladies are characterized by their kindness and for being the oldest inhabitants of the plant. They may either be imposing or tiny; their powers, however, are incredible and dominate nature.

Fire Spirits: Salamanders

The Fire element features both creation and destruction. It is represented by Summer, and daylight. It is inhabited by Salamanders, Farralis and Ra-Arus, appearing as reddish salamanders and dragons. They give the idea that with courage and imagination everything can be done. They send forth projective energy, and dominate the element. No fire would be ignited without their intervention.


Since these elementary beings are earth spirits, they preferably work the soil and tree roots, to which they grant power. They look like funny little old men, as they belong to a race coming from the beginning of times. It is said that they inhabited the lost Atlantis. These tiny creatures build their homes under aging trees. They only go out at night and their home is lively after sunset. They are friends of animals, they speak their same language and protect them from danger. The best feasts are when the freezing winds blow over the woods dancing and playing, they start to run and some prefer rain for their dances.



Demon Names and Rank in the Infernal Region (alphabetically)

Apollyon (Abaddon) : King of Demons

Abigor: Horseman with a scepter and lance, commanding 60 legions

Adremelech: Chancellor and High Council of Demons

Aguares : Grand Duke of Eastern region, commanding 30 legions

Alocer : Grand Duke , commanding 36 legions

Amduscius : Grand Duke, commanding 29 legions

Andras : Marquis , commanding 30 legions

Asmodeus (Asmoday) : Head of Casinos, banished to the desert by Raphael

Astaroth : Grand Duke of Western region, Lord Treasurer

Aym : Grand Duke , commanding 26 legions

Ayperos : Prince, commanding 36 legions

Azazel : Standard Bearer of Armies, also known as Satanael.

Baal : Commanding General of the Infernal Armies

Baalberith : Chief Secretary and Archivist (second order demon, Berith)

Balan : Prince

Bearded Demon : Remains nameless to avoid his use in search of the Philosopher’s Stone (King Solomon)

Beelzebub (Beelzebuth) : Prince of the Demons, Lord of the Flies, second only to Satan

Belial : Prince of Trickery, Demon of Sodomy

Belphegor : Demon of Ingenious discoveries and wealth

Buer : Second order demon but commands 50 legions

Caym : Grand President of the Infernal

Charon : Boatman who ferries souls across the river Styx

Chax : Grand Duke

Cresil : Demon of Impurity and slovinliness

Dagon : Baker and member of the House

Eurynomus : Prince who feeds on corpses

Furfur : Count , commanding 26 legions

Geryon : Giant centaur, guards hell

Jezebeth : Demon of Falsehoods

Kasdeya : According to the “Book of Enoch”, the fifth Satan

Kobal : Entertainment Director, patron of Comedy

Leonard : Inspector General of Black Magic and Sorcery

Leviathan : Grand Admiral: androgynous ( Christian myth says he seduced both Adam and Eve)

Lilith : Princess of Hell. ( Hebrew myth is that she is a succubus)

Malphas : Grand President, commanding 40 legions

Mammon : Demon of Avarice

Mastema : Leader of the offspring of fallen angels by humans

Melchom : Treasurer of the House

Mephistopheles : Some versions a servant of Lucifer, others Satan himself

Merihim : Prince of Pestilence

Moloch : Another demon of Hebrew lore

Mullin : Servant of the House of Princes, Lieutenant to Leonard

Murmur : Count, Demon of Music

Naburus : Marquis, connected with Cerberus

Nergal : Chief of Secret Police, second order demon

Nybras : Grand Publisist of Pleasures, inferior

Nysrogh : Chief of the House of Princes, second order demon

Orias : Marquis, Demon of Diabolic Astologers and Diviners

Paymon : Master of Ceremonies

Philatanus : Demon assisting Belial in furthering sodomy and pedophile behaviors

Proserpine : Princess of Hell ( some say, close to Persephone of Pagan traditions)

Pyro : Prince of Falsehoods

Raum : Count, commanding 30 legions

Rimmon : Ambassador from hell to Russia, also known as Damas

Ronwe : Inferior, yet commands 19 legions

Samael : Angel of Death, Prince of Air

Semiazas : Chief of Fallen Angels

Shalbriri : Demon that strikes people blind

Sonneillon : Demon of Hate (Michaelis )

Succorbenoth : Chief Eunuch of the House of Princes, Demon of Gates and Jealousy

Thamuz : Ambassador of hell, Creator of the Holy Inquisition, Inventor of Artillery

Ukobach : Stationary Engineer

Uphir : Demon physician

Valafar : Grand Duke

Verdelet : Master of Ceremonies of the House of Princes

Verin : Demon of Impatience

Vetis : demon who specializes in corrupting and tempting the holy

Xaphan : Stokes the furnace of hell, second order demon

Zaebros : Animal - human combination

Zagan : Demon of Deceit and counterfeiting

Uphir : Demon physician.