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if you get offended by anything i say, that's your own fault.
i live to bring people down.



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I’m sorry if I academy anyone but I’m at a party right now and in drink. Doesn’t it suck when ur fronds with someone for like since 6 grade and then they don’t give a shit about you it’s like a slap I. Your face. Everything you’ve been drought.

why is this on the ghost adventures tag?

i don’t understand where people get douche bag out of Zak on the show. I mean yeah, he’s a little loud and sometimes talks over people, but that doesn’t make him a douche bag, that just means sometimes he can be a little rude. Zak is always so nice to the people he interviews. While investigating, he does get a little loud and antsy, but that’s just because he’s passionate and really excited about what he’s doing. He’s trying to prove the existence of the paranormal, of course he’s going to use every tactic he can.

outside of Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Challenge Zak does charity events all of the time. at most of the events Zak goes to, they hold auctions where the proceeds go to the location which they’re investigating. Zak also does raises money for Ginger’s Pet Kitchen and visits kids with cancer.

i’m sorry but i don’t see your argument for him being a douche bag.