dude my equilibrium

if you get offended by anything i say, that's your own fault.
i live to bring people down.



well remember when i said i would be on this blog more


well i’m still trying to get through all over my other shows so i can watch this (is ga still on for the season) so i can make fun of it for u all

ty for your patience 

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spookati said: Beckyyyy you're back at this blog! I missed seeing Bagel Bagans on my dash :P

yes i am :)

bethgreeene said: hey! what episode are those haunted house gifs from?

im like 99.9% sure they are from the Madame Tussaud’s episode! 

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“First person who jumps get’s goosed.”

Anonymous said: will you heal the ga tag with your greatness again?

i will try my best

i ventured in there the other night and i was so annoyed by the shitiness. 

Anonymous said: Are you actually gonna be on this or?????

yes more starting once i get out of school