dude my equilibrium

if you get offended by anything i say, that's your own fault.
i live to bring people down.



linda vista is one my fav episodes because of zak using that stupid purell after shoving his hand in the cremator.

amporasbutt said: ashley i am actually in love with you

my name is not ashley


Anonymous said: i was just making a point is all. its obvious what the gif meant you were making fun of her. this is why im rarely on tumblr anymore ppl on here are so immature. no im not a mind reader you dont have to be to clearly see you were making fun of the girl. and me when you reblogged my stuff. i just tried to kindly point that out but ur gona make fun of ppl still. fangirls arent safe in the zak bagans tag because of ppl like you. and its not right.

fangirls arent safe in the zak bagans tag because of ppl like you.”

hopelessenuff said: I didn't see your posts for a while cause I was following too many people and I just remembered why I love you so much.

aw ty bb! :)

Anonymous said: u r a bitch u reblogged my post and added a gif - not akab

akab pls

im going to go watch dance moms so i can see my idol abby lee miller be a bitch to some ungrateful little girls

Anonymous said: Yeah but it's just what you meant by it though. You obviously hurt the girls feelings. That's all I'm saying.

how do you even know what i meant? are you a mind reader, anon?

and i’ve gathered that information from the 2304293049 messages i’ve gotten from you and her

Anonymous said: plus you never know what someone is going through in a span of a day. she may have had some horrible ass shit happen. her dog got hit by a car or her grandma died or she locked herself out of her car. and your response to her post was the last straw that set her off. yk? i just believe its important to think about a human being and their feelings before reacting to them or something they do or say. like i say you never know what a person is dealing with outside of you doing something hurtful.

okay that’s a little dramatic it’s not like i called her names or something